Our assistant teachers, a very important part of our school:

Carly Barnes

Alanah Cuffe

 Allysa Galima 

Emma Keegan

Molly Keegan

​Mary Vavruska

Victoria Lionarons

...and our newest helpers

 Ashley DiLorenzo

Gianna Zacco

Lauren Fernandez

Cassidy Conte

Lily Sharkey

Michelle Kenney 

Ms. Kristen,

Ms. Susie,

Sensei Matt,

Ms. Krista, 

Ms. Courtney


Ms. Alanah  

Share in the success stories of our students

at S&D we are a non-competitive, educational atmosphere, but the accomplishments of our students are attention worthy!

Congratulations to the newest members of our CAT poi​nte class,

Allysa Galima


Katherine Arreaga,

who join our most experienced ballerinas.

Our ten year dance awards (2017)

Carly Barnes

Caitlin Wean

​Sarah Kosakowski

Our thirty year dance awards (2017)

Ms. Susie Barry 

Thank you!

When I grow up...

our former students who have
become our staff

The following students have been accepted into performing arts programs:


Ashley DiLorenzo (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

& LaGuardia HS, vocal)

Alma Blum (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, vocal

& on to Berkeley College, music)

Olivia Celis (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, vocal)

Christine Skorupa (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, vocal)

Angela Castronova (LaGuardia HS, vocal)

Kaitlin Singer (LaGuardia HS, vocal)

Anna Terrebetzsky (Northeastern University)

                                                        Professional Instruction in the Arts

We congratulate the following students who have

graduated from performing arts programs:

Krista MacDonald  (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, dance)

Anna Terrebetzky  (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, vocal)

Alanah Cuffe  (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, music)

Courtney O'Reilly  (LaGuardia HS, dance)

Rania Douris  (Maspeth HS, dance)

Felicia Brown  (Maspeth HS, dance)

​Alma Blum (LaGuardia HS, vocal)

Christine Skorupa (LaGuardia HS, vocal)

Congratulations to 

all of our musicians on a beautiful recital!