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 ​          Acrobatics and Contortion

          with Ms. Kristen and Ms. Alanah 

Acrobatics is a great class for active children (boys and girls alike!).  An exciting class that can be started as young as 3 years old, it stresses gymnastic skills and kinesthetic awareness.  When the students first begin, they learn the basics: forward and backward rolls, bridges, and cartwheels.  As the student progresses, they begin to work on one-handed cartwheels, back-bends, kick-overs, and walk-overs.  The more advanced students are taught back handsprings, front handsprings, aerials, back tucks, and layouts. 

In all of the acrobatics classes, the students work on balancing and developing muscular control.  Students begin with headstands, move on to perfecting handstands, to chin-stands and finally, forearm stands. There are also partnering exercises, where the students work together on strengthening, balancing, and timing.  

Students who take acrobatics have access to a variety of mats that are used for different purposes, safety being first and foremost. Acrobatics does not use apparatuses such as rings or horses; instead students learn to focus their own strength and coordination. 

The best part of acrobatics is the group pyramids!  The class works together to come up with the most exciting pyramid formations that they are capable of. They love to cheer each other on as they climb to new heights. 
At the end of the year, the students are always impressed with the progress that they all have made, and love watching themselves on DVD!

Contortion is an advanced class that is only available to students who also take acrobatics. It is a class that focuses on different types of flexibility.  In this class, students are going to stretch themselves into a variety of positions that showcase their arms, legs and back flexibility.  Some of the different poses that the students will be working on include face-frames, triple-folds, and new variations of the handstand, chin-stand and forearm balances. It is always an amazing class to watch and be part of!


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