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    Dance  with Ms Lori & Ms Rania 

Our dance program offers a variety of classes in styles and difficulty levels. Classes for the youngest dancers begin at the age of 2 in baby ballet (a.k.a. creative movement) and Broadway babies class. As the dancers grow, more options open to them; ballet, hip-hop and tap are available for students beginning at the ages of 4-5 years. Preteen and teen classes include all styles and levels. All of our classes are co-ed and, in keeping with our philosophy, we always welcome dancers to try any class that they are passionate for. Please see below for all dance class descriptions. 

Baby Ballet (Creative Movement) is our youngest class for our tiny, adorable dancers. The children start as young as 2 years old. Here, the goal is to introduce dance through fun and imagery while teaching the children to control and recognize parts of the body. They can  be graceful flowers stretching towards the sun or a bunny hopping to the rhythm of the music. The goal is to encourage socialization and to teach dance movement through play. Children will learn basic dance positions and some dance terminology. It is a fun classroom environment which enables the students to learn and grow. 


Ballet is a fundamental necessity for any dancer. We offer classes in this technique-driven genre for all ages and levels. Based in the Cecchetti method, our teachers begin with basic ballet positions and simple movements. From there, we will guide the students to discover proper alignment, flexibility, muscle extension and grace through control of movement.


Broadway Babies is another option for our youngest dancers. The children start as young as 2 years old. Similar to baby ballet, the goal is to introduce dance through fun and imagery while teaching the children to control and recognize parts of the body. The best part? This class lets the little ones show their jazzy side, stressing rhythmic movements and fun choreography and music. This makes this class especially popular with our young gentlemen dancers. The goal is to encourage socialization and to teach dance movement and musical understanding through play. Children will learn basic dance positions, basic music patterns, and some dance terminology. It is a fun classroom environment which enables the students to learn and grow. 

Broadway Jazz is open to the intermediate and advanced students. It stresses the subtlety and control of movement made famous by Bob Fosse. Technique is a must for this class and every dancer will feel challenged with this class which introduces elements like improvisation," feeling out the music" and full performance quality. 


​​Hip-hop is one of the most appealing dance forms for new students and can be found almost everywhere. It's fun, fast-moving and accompanied by upbeat music. It focuses on control of the body through isolation of movement and challenges the student to remember and practice quick-paced but complex combinations of choreography. Students love the energy of this class and it always creates a final performance with an attitude! 

Irish step is a fast footed workout that brings out a bit of Irish in each of us. In this class students of all ages and dance levels will be taught basic steps such as threes and sevens and further challenged into connecting intricate choreography with high kicks, partnering and sharp-looking footwork. Erin go Bragh!

Lyrical  is most often compared to ballet but actually fuses elements of ballet, jazz and modern dance. It stresses emotion and fluidity of movement in order to tell the story of a musical selection. In this class experienced students are encouraged to apply what they've learned in order to create artistic expression and show off their skills at the same time.

Modern, also known as contemporary dance, is the next level of advancement after a thorough understanding of ballet technique is achieved. For the intermediate or advanced dancer this form stretches the boundaries of ballet and challenges the structured choreography of its predecessor. With this class students get a chance to truly challenge themselves by learning more complex ranges of motion and harder movement patterns, using their own momentum and performing with more emotion. 

Pointe is open to only the more advanced student. Many of our younger dancers hope to one day be introduced to this beautiful yet difficult form of dance in which students are trained en pointe. This term indicates that all of the dancers weight and movement is supported on her toes while wearing a special pair of shoes. This class is rooted in classical ballet technique and not for every student. It requires a healthy amount of practice, time, and dedication. The student will be guided through the process of purchasing a pair of pointe shoes that compliments their anatomy and onto strengthening their core and turn-out in order to achieve the line, grace and beauty of the prima ballerina. 

​Tap is a timeless favorite which begins with those shiny black shoes with metal taps that children love as soon as they see them... or rather hear them! Tap begins with guiding the student through learning how to create sounds by isolating different parts of the feet. From there, students work to create rhythms and count time using their feet as their musical instrument.

CAT class, or Class for Assistants and Teachers, is a class specifically designed for the advanced student who not only has the technique but the dedication to the studio and is already an assistant teacher or dance teacher.  This class trains the participants to lead classes of any genre as well as to keep us all moving and challenged! 

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