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Mixed Martial Arts with Adrian Snitko 

​*NEW * THIS  YEAR​.   

We at Song & A Dance, are introducing to our Martial arts program MMA Class. That's mixed martial arts and we are happy to introduce Mr. Adrian Snitko as our skilled Kickboxing, Muay-Tha, Judo and Karate Teacher. 

One class will focus on self defense for young kids as well as teens to be able to protect and defend themselves.. The class will focus on speed and power while utilizing all parts of the body for strength and power. For any child who is shy or being bullied at school, they will learn how to deal with the situation with confidence. Part of that defense will be how to avoid the conflict.

Another class we will offer is for older teens and adults. This will be more advanced and the students will learn advanced fighting techniques and will be fast moving in various styles. Also there will be forming a woman's self defense class. This will stress on awareness of surrounds and quick surprising actions and reactions to various situations.  We invite you all to give these classes a try without registration for a short period. 


In our "Young Warriors" class the students can start as young as 5 years old. The classes are co-ed and students will learn techniques in punching blocking kicking and evading.  In this program the students will learn focus and respect and discipline towards themselves and others. The program is very helpful for children who need to learn to concentrate or to develop self-control. Everything is taught in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere which helps to foster a child's self-confidence.   

           The MMA  class will be held  Thursdays at 6:00 for now and the others on thursday TBD                             .