Dates & Rates

2019-2020 Session begins Tuesday, September 10th, 2019. We are open 7 days a week .

We are closed for Christmas/New Year's and Easter week. Please refer to our calendar for additional closure dates.

Hours of Operation:

M-F 3:30-9pm 

Sat. 9am-4pm

Sun. 11am-4:30

Summer Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 10am-7pm.


Registration Policy

There is a one time registration fee of $25 for all new students. Music students must register in order to secure their weekly lesson appointment. All lessons must be paid for on a monthly basis. All students must also return in September to avoid reregistration fee. We encourage all of our students to spread the word if you are happy with us. Anyone who refers a friend in the beginning of a season, who then registers before October 31st, is extended a credit of $15 towards their account as a thank you. Be sure to let us know!



Acceptable forms of payment include cash or check, we do NOT accept credit or debit cards at this time. For monthly classes payment is due at the beginning of each month. Music classes may be paid for individually on a trial basis only. Once the student is registered we ask that payment is made made monthly, also at the beginning of each month. Late payments will accrue an additional $25 late payment fee and make-up classes/lessons and performance opportunities are only offered for students in good account standing.


Can we accommodate children with special needs?

Yes. At Song & a Dance we have always believed that every student is entitled to explore their passion for the arts. We boast non-competitive, inclusive group classes for any student who is interested. In private music classes we can accommodate even easier on a one-to-one basis. Whatever the need, we will do our best to ensure your child is happy and safe while enjoying the benefits of an arts education. Please feel free to speak to our staff for any special accommodations or questions you may have.


Holidays at Song & a Dance

All group classes celebrate with Holiday parties, end of year parties and Halloween dance/acrobatics classes. We also proudly boast of our students' community involvement in nearby Christmas Tree Lightings. We are closed in observance of Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year's and Easter. Please refer to calendar for additional dates of note. 

Recording Workshops 

Recording Workshops are organized twice a year; the first at holiday time and the second in the Spring. For more info including rates, start dates and other options please contact us directly or through your music teacher. 

Performance Opportunities

All of our students are afforded the opportunity to perform but recitals are NOT mandatory. There is a music recital and a separate dance/acrobatics/specialty group class recital in June. Information about costume deposits and show details will be available in November, please check in with your child's teacher. In addition, we encourage the students to take part in our community involvement events whenever possible and host open mic nights for our budding musicians. 


When should one start music lessons? 

In our music program, students will be coached through learning to sight read music and to understand elements of musical theory. A certain level of hand-eye coordination is also necessary. Six years old is an average age to begin musical training, but that is not to say there aren't some students that break the mold. Just remember, the speed of a student's progression depends very much on the amount of practice that goes into study as well as how much is physically possible for the student. Younger students naturally need more time than the older learner. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should begin lessons for your child, you are welcome to schedule a single lesson to try before registering. The teacher will also be able to give you his or her opinion as to the student's interest and readiness before committing to weekly lessons.  

On the other hand, more mature beginners or advanced students are always welcome to enroll and explore their love of music. We are more than capable of meeting any level of expertise and will tailor your lesson to you.

Dress Code for Dance, Acrobatics, Dancetrix and Karate

Our school does not adhere to a strict dress code for group classes. However, we do have suggested apparel listed below.

We sell a selection of leotards, tights, shorts and dance shoes on site for your convenience.

For acrobatics and dancetrix: Clothes must allow for freedom of movement. We suggest a tank or leotard and yoga pants or shorts (bare feet are encouraged for weekly class, shoes may be required for performances).

For dance: Registered students are required to have proper dance shoes for safety purposes.

The little ones in beginner ballet and Broadway babies may wear any dance appropriate clothes they are comfortable in; From the standard pink tutu and leotard to a Disney inspired tutu or "ballerina dress". For intermediate and advanced classes, teachers ask that students wear clothing that allow the teacher see their physical alignment. This means form-fitting clothes such as leotards, tanks and leggings, etc. Warm-up wear is acceptable over said clothing. Please, no jeans at any time. In addition, long hair is always best tied back during class, and please leave your jewelry and headbands at home to avoid loss. 

For karate: Bare feet, a clean gee and belt is uniform. We sell gees on site and belts will be available as the student advances. 

School spirit wear such as sweatshirts and recital tees are available annually for purchase. These are not required items but all are very popular among staff and student body alike. 


Are our teachers qualified?

Yes. The qualifications of our staff are immense and as diversified as the teachers themselves. Our staff have all been thoroughly personally verified and have clear musical or physical training in their field. We boast seasoned and professional musicians, experienced DOE and/or Diocesan certified teachers, MA degree holders and award winning athletes. For individual background on your child's teacher please refer to the                                   page. 


Map and Directions

73-07 Grand Avenue

Maspeth, N.Y. 11378

Public Transportation

By bus: Q58 or Q59

By train: R train to Grand Ave./Newtown

transfer to Q58/59

We are located directly across from P.S. 58 The School of Heroes,

look for the new purple awning during the day and the multi-colored

changing one at night! 


Contact Us

(718) 478-8076


Direct Message us anytime on 

facebook instagram or twitter.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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All class payments are due the first week of every month.

Please note music lessons must be paid for monthly. 

​Late payments will be charged an additional $25 late fee.

​​​Rates *applicable to the Fall 2019-2020 Session,

                   for Summer Rates please refer to summer program page
$25 one-time registration 
$25/each half hour private music class

      (After registration, month MUST be paid in full at the beginning of billing cycle)
$60/month for all acrobatics & karate classes (1hr. per week)
$50/month for all dance, dancetrix, kid's choir, glee & musical theater classes (45 min. per week)*
*multiple class/family discount applicable

Please note, all late payments will be charged an additional fee of $25 and make-up lessons will only be extended to account holders in good standing.

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