Musical Theater  is designed to teach children the basics of vocal projection, emoting, memorizing lines, planning costumes/props and hitting cues. The class also samples musical theater selections and allows the students to experience their own solo time in the spotlight as well as creating a final production as a class for the recital every June. 

Glee  is designed especially for the students who love to sing and dance. We've all seen the shows, but it's time to experience first-hand the thrill of dancing to your own voice joined with others' in harmony. In this class students learn the basics of harmony, vocal projection and creating solid vocal performances, both live and recorded, while pairing each song learned with new choreography. This is a fast-paced and rewarding class; there's no better feeling than giving a performance your all and this is the class to do it.

DanceTrix  is designed especially for the students who love to flip and dance. This class incorporates the best of dance class with the tricks and flips our acrobats and gymnasts have come to love. This class is ideal for the student who just can't bear to choose between dance or acrobatics and is lead by an instructor with enthusiasm and passion for both!  

Wee Class  is specifically designed for our wee ones. A "mommy and me" class for our generation, this class is open to Nana, Poppy, Mommy or Daddy, or any combination of one-two caregivers and baby. The class incorporates elements of music and rhythm recognition, yoga stretching meant for all body types and bonding time for you and your little one.  This class will be offered during summer classes 2019 for young students preparing to enter classes in September. 

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